Modular solar carport

Modular solar carport chooses special designed waterproof BIPV panel. Carport will not leak in rain and snow weather. It also prevents the damage of acid rain to the cars, and provides a comfortable parking environment for the staffs. 

1.Easy and quick installation,no need of foundation works. The precast concretes can be fixed by anchor bolts or pegs in any sites.

2.Modular design is flexible to any sizes of the parking lot.
3.Carport base is made of the high strength precast concretes and the support rack is steel structure, which allows a perfect statis balance. The structure is supplied with a structural analysis report and providing high resistances to snow and wind loads. A 10-year-warranty is provided.

4.Several accessories can be integrated in the solar carport, like rain gutter, which can be installed on the carport eave, as well as EV charging station. It's also ideal for sponsorship, as the supporting structure has been conceived for the installation of large advertising spaces. LED bars are available for the night illumination on demand .  Green plants can also be integrated in the carport, which will make the carport more GREEN and low carbon.
Design sketch of carport with 3-4 parking spaces

Design sketch of carport with 20 parking spaces