Plug-in on-roof PV mounting system

Plug-in on-roof PVmounting system 

 Pitched tin roof
The colorful steel roof system of UTTsolar is suitable for large area roof such as factory plant and warehouse.This system has a flexibility in design and programming of the commercial and residential roof solar system. This system can put the normal framed laminate on the pitched roof parallelly. 

Advantages of installation

1.Easy installation and replacement: laminate can be installed in anywhere of the plug-inguide rail. Therefore, it is quite convenient for the replacement of the laminate in the middle position.
2.Long service life: all structural parts are made of aluminum alloy and
stainless steel. This guarantees the durability of the material.
Wide applicability: this colorful steel watts roof system of UTTsolar is suitable for all kinds of general laminates in the market. And the system can be installed on different kinds of roofs.
4.What's more, this system not only can reduce installing time but also economize the cost including cut down the parts number and the length of the guide rail.